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Candy Cane Reindeer

Candy Cane ReindeerChildren of all ages absolutely adore the candy cane. This confection is one of the truest signs that Christmas is just around the corner. The difference with candy canes today is they are appealing to almost everyone, since peppermint is no longer the only flavor they can be found in. With deep red cinnamon, bright pink cherry, white and green spearmint, dark blue berry, and many more varieties, the candy cane is a treat anyone can eat.

Candy canes don’t have to just be for eating, though. Oftentimes we have more of these sweets than we can use during the whole year! So, why not use them in craft projects? There are very simple craft projects that you can make with these curved sticks that even the youngest of children can do!

This craft is a favorite with children. It doesn’t matter how old your child is – this craft will be age-appropriate. Even a two year old, with a bit of help, will have a grand time making their very own reindeer out of a candy cane.

What you will need:

• Candy Canes (All red and white or offer a wide variety of colors)
• Hot Glue Gun or White School Glue
• Various Colored Pom-poms
• Brown Pipe Cleaners
• Googly Eyes
• Christmas Colored Ribbon (optional)
• Mini Bell (optional)


Step One: Have the children each pick a candy cane. (If you are offering a wide variety of colors, it is best if you have enough of each color for everyone. When the first child picks their color, depending on the age of your group, the rest may decide that is the color they want, too. It is best to have enough that it is okay when this occurs.)

Making a Candy Cane ReindeerStep Two: Give each child one long, brown pipe cleaner. Have them wrap it around the crook of the candy cane so that both sides are equal. Twist the pipe cleaner tightly above the top of the cane.

Step Three: Have the children put just a touch of glue under the twisted pipe cleaner.

Step Four: Let the kids bend the pipe cleaner into “antlers”.

Candy Cane Reindeer Craft ProjectMany kids will bend their pipe cleaner once, while others will make elaborate shapes for their antlers. Anything the child does is okay!
Step Five: Have the kids put a dot of glue on a googly eye. Stick to the side of the candy cane, just under the antlers. Do a second eye on the other side of the candy cane. These should be toward the shorter side of the candy cane, not the long stick side.

Step Six: Allow the children to pick out a pom-pom. Have them put a dot of glue on it. (The children can choose any color they like, with black and red being the most common choices. As with the candy canes, make sure you have enough of each color for all the children doing the craft.) Stick the pom-pom at the end of the shorter side of the candy cane for the nose.

Set aside and allow the craft to dry completely. Once dry, you will have your very own candy cane reindeer!

Optional steps:

Step Seven: Take a piece of ribbon and tie it behind the antlers. Create a loop of ribbon for hanging the reindeer on your Christmas tree.

Step Eight: Take a piece of ribbon and tie a bow around the reindeer’s neck.

Step Nine: On a piece of ribbon, tie a mini bell around the reindeer’s neck.


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