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Candy Cane Hearts

Candy Cane HeartsThis craft is a little more difficult to make, even though it looks quite easy. It won’t take much time if you use hot glue, but will require overnight drying time if you use white school glue.

What you will need:

• 2 Candy Canes
• Hot Glue Gun with Glue Sticks or White School Glue
• Red Ribbon
• Scissors
• Wax Paper (if using white school glue)
• Bow or Jingle Bell (optional)


Step One: Have the children pick two candy canes and place them into a heart shape.

Step Two: If using hot glue, have an adult helper glue the two candy canes together. *Skip to step five*

Step Three: If using white school glue, have the children place the heart shape on wax paper and cover the areas where the two canes meet with glue. Repeat covering these two areas with glue several times.

Step Four: If using white school glue, let the heart dry overnight after 6-10 coatings of glue.

Step Five: If using white school glue, cut off excess dry glue from around the candy canes after drying.

Step Six: Have the children cut off one foot of red ribbon. They can tie it around the top of the heart. They can then tie the ends together at the top, creating a loop to hang the heart with.

Step Seven: The kids can then use a smaller piece of ribbon and tie it in a bow at the front or add a jingle bell. (optional)


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